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How delicious, simple, easy, effortless, fun, loving, fulfilling, Wondrous and magical can life become?

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Sparkle Paradise is a magical place. Time does not exist here. Anything you think will immediately become your reality.

Here you can remember Who You Really Are and What You Really Want, beyond all 3D programming about what life is like, how things work, what is necessary, who you are supposed to be, what you are supposed to say and are supposed to do. Because in 5D you don’t have to do, say or be anything. You are perfect as you are NOW, you know everything you need to know, you have everything you wished for, you are exactly where you want to be and we are already living in Heaven on Earth.

How simple and fun can life become?

Life is a simple as we ALLOW it to be. And it can become as amazing as we can imagine it to be. Sign up for Sparkle Mail by leaving your name and e-mail and I’ll give you an idea of how fun and simple life can be when it comes to our inner happiness & fulfillment, love & relationships, work & finances, healing & health and service to the world & humanity. You will immediately receive a delicious Sparkle Audio by me in your inbox. So you can be reminded of it again and again.

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what you already know

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We are living in a Golden Age in which many people will awaken at the same time. We are opening up to a higher consciousness, which makes us aware of The Field of Infinite Possibilities – in which everything we desire and every version of reality that we can imagine already exists. This and more is part of the Shift from the third into the fifth dimension. Which will be the cause of a completely new normal when it comes to the way we think, speak and do things. It’s a big, 180 degree Shift.


without any effort

What will become possible when you would be able to accept how easy this is?

If you already are in the reality in which you want to be, then there is nothing that you need to learn to get there. And you wouldn’t have to work on yourself, the situation, circumstances, the world, your goals and dreams. It would purely be a matter of relaxing in that truth and following whatever feels better for you in the thinking, the saying and the doing, in every moment. Would you like to get used to this way of being, thinking, living and manifesting? So you can discover how delicious, simple, easy, effortless, fun, loving, fulfilling, wondrous and magical life can become? Then I am inviting you for a group meeting or private meeting.

Sparkle Satsang

Get a taste of the Heaven on Earth that is already within you.

Sparkle Session

Get aligned with Who You Really Are and What You Really Want.

Sparkle Satsang

Get a taste of the Heaven on Earth that is already within you.

Sparkle Session

Get aligned with Who You Really Are and What You Really Want.

"What if you could shift from one reality into another at any given moment; in which you'd already be, have, know, could do, feel, see, hear, taste and smell what you want? How playful and free would that feel? Would you like to make the most of that freedom?"

-Mariëlle Duijndam-
About me

mariëlle duijndam

I am Mariëlle Duijndam, creator of Sparkle Paradise. I discovered the Universal Principle that is the basis of this platform at a young age: “Our reality is a projection of our own consciousness. In essence everything is energy and what you send out is what you receive back.”

My whole life I have been enormously fascinated by the infinite possibilities that come with this understanding. And so I have been experimenting with it a lot and in the beginning of 2010 I established my company The Bigger Picture Coaching, specialized in Effortless Creation and working with the Law of Attraction.

Through working with hundreds of private clients, guiding large groups of people through my 30-day online Sparkle Games and offering Sparkle Coach and Sparkle Facilitator Training, I discovered what is needed to create real breakthroughs. My own consciousness turned out to be the gate….

I see myself als a Creator & Facilitator of potential realities and new versions of people, companies, organizations and creations that want to be born. I bring their signal closer. With unconditional love, patience, compassion, purity, directness and humor I hold the vision and the vibration close to you, as you give birth to Who You Really Are and What You Really Want in your own perfect pace and time.

"It is not your role to make others happy; it is your role to keep yourself in balance. When you pay attention to how you feel and practice self-empowering thoughts that align with who-you-really-are, you will offer an example of thriving that will be of tremendous value to those who have the benefit of observing you."

- Abraham-Hicks -
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