Sparkle Paradise

Master Physical Reality
Live in Ultimate Freedom
Become a Sparkling Leader

Meeting place & creative centre
for the leaders in the New World.

Read more about our intention

Sparkle Paradise

Master Physical Reality
Live in Ultimate Freedom
Become a Sparkling Leader

Meeting place & creative centre
for the leaders in the New World.
Read more about our intention

The intention behind our Sparkle Paradise

Realizing your are already living in heaven on earth

The idea behind a Sparkle Paradise Location and Event is that it’s a place and opportunity for people to join others who have Mastered Physical Reality and are living in the feeling, vision, and reality of their heaven on earth, regardless of outside conditions – most of the time.
We have remembered how to access the feeling of paradise inside us and learned to give focus and attention to what we love and desire, knowing that our thoughts will turn into things and experiences. But mainly because we want to embody and express Who We Really Are.
By opening the doors of our homes and our hearts, you will start to resonate and vibrate with us. You will remember a new way of being, just by seeing our example and living and sharing together for a while.
This is how this new lifestyle and new level of consciousness will spread all over the world. Changing one person and one perspective at a time. Perhaps you are also a Sparkling Leader in this New World?

Let yourself be touched and guided by your Soul

The fundamental basis of our Sparkle Paradise

Living together in Ultimate Freedom and Connection with your Self

In our Sparkle Paradise, we live together on a basis of ultimate freedom. We are not here to make you happy. We are here to show you the power of people who have learned to follow what feels better to them in the thinking, the speaking and the doing, no matter what. When you start to connect with your own intuition and vision – and you learn to use this as your guide in daily life – amazing things will happen. You’ll realize your dreams while enjoying the ride.
You will learn to trust your intuition above logic. You will learn how to allow things to evolve instead of wanting to know everything in advance and needing to manage everything yourself. You will learn to enjoy the moment like you perhaps have never been able to do before. You will experience a deep sense of satisfaction and joy, even before things have changed in your external world. And as a result of this shift in perception, your reality will begin to shift too.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Alan Watts

 “One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not. And two who are harmoniously focused and connected to the Energy Stream brings about a co-creative endeavor that cannot be matched by anything else in all of the Universe.” 

There is an Energy Stream that flows through all of us. It is our basic intention to allow this Stream to flow through our body, mind, and life. And to show you how you can allow this Stream too. When people get plugged into this enormous amount of energy, an incredible amount of power will become available. And when we start to focus this energy together, there truly isn’t a limit as to what becomes possible. The question is what you would like to do with it… We love to support you in becoming a vibrational match with what you desire.

Enjoy abundance in many ways while getting together with like-minded people

The keywords of our Sparkle Paradise

Connection – Creation – Manifestation

“Allowing for Connection, Creation, and Manifestation to happen. That is what we create space for and what we love to do. Effortless and joyfully.”
Sparkle Paradise

“Whatever it is that you want, the key is to align yourself with the having of it. That is the way your thoughts work.”
Communion of Light

Connection: Connecting with your Self and true desires in every area of your life. And finding connection with other like-minded people.
Creation: Create your own (dream) reality by learning to allow thoughts, words, and actions that feel better NOW. Make an enormous shift in consciousness from linear (3D) to circular (5D) living.
Manifestation: By being together with people who are connected to themselves and their dreams, this freedom, energy, and abundance of possibilities will build, multiply and spread over the whole group. Your dreams will no longer be something outside of you in the future. You will start living, embodying, expressing and manifesting the life you desire, by wholeheartedly becoming Who You Really Are.

We provide the space in which magical things happen and healing occurs naturally

Our Sparkling Guests

Everyone who feels attracted

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business people
  • Creative people
  • Thought-leaders
  • New-Age people
  • Love couples
  • Youngsters
  • Parents
  • Singles

Options in our Sparkle Paradise

Choose what you prefer

Sparkle Stay: Stay for a little while and live together with us and other like-minded people here in Italy – or wherever we are in the world.
Sparkle Special: A tailor-made retreat in which personal attention for you, your business, employees or any other kind of group, is possible.
Sparkle Shop: Buy products and programs that will support you to create your own tailor-made Sparkle Experience & Sparkle Life.
Sparkle Subscriptions: Subscribe to our Alignment Audio’s, video’s and articles, study Mastery over Physical Reality online as a Sparkle Student or become a Sparkle Master to regularly connect and share.

Sparkle Paradise in Italy

Watch the video of our location

Back to your own basis

In a place that supports this

An antique convent that is turned into a Sparkle Paradise. Where the rooms have names of Tarot-cards, because during the renovation a deck of them has been found between the walls.

And now we come together here in the energy of the New Age to give shape to this new world, starting with yours.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and having a fantastic time together in the green heart of Italy called Umbria – and online!

With love,

Mariëlle & Arjen

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