Letting go of trying to be perfect

There has been so much that I’ve tried to be, and failed at. It wasn’t making me happy. It was only constricting me and my options and energy.

Sparkle Special Experience of ConsumerHouse

After Dirk stayed with us in Italy at the end of November, he decided to come back with the core-team of his business. ConsumerHouse; a market research and field services company based in Belgium is currently expanding out in Europe and...

Ik wil van je houden…

Dit gedicht is een liefdesverklaring van De Innerlijke Geliefde. De grootste liefde die we allen ooit zullen kunnen ervaren. Stel je eens voor dat deze woorden richting jou gesproken werden.

No Explanation Needed

Life does not need anything from you. And you don’t need to understand it, nor manifest it. You can just have whatever you want, by being willing to allow and have it now. A poem from the heart for deliberate creators.

To allow or not to allow

Joy, pleasure and pain, they all just want to be allowed so they can flow in and out. Having a journey of their own, through us. A poem from the heart by a being of love and light.

The Ultimate Freedom

Happiness and the experience of ultimate freedom are always closer than you think. They are what is real and everlasting in a world of temporary illusions. A poem from the heart for beings of light experiencing a physical body and reality.

Een innerlijke fontein die ons van alles voorziet

De overgang van lineair leren naar vloeibaar expanderen vanuit het moment. Van binnen naar buiten in plaats van, van buiten naar binnen. Geen regels meer om na te leven maar vrijheid en inspiratie om gebruik van te maken.

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