As I am finishing the last page on this website before launching it and announcing what we’re up to, to the world, some very amazing synchronistic events happened again. I will tell you all about them in another Sparkle Stream article, but for now I just want to tell you about this video and the 5 gateways to 5D consciousness that it talks about.

For us this video came with perfect timing. Because it gave us so much confirmation on what has happend in the last years and especially during the last months. (You’ll be able to recognize the same gateway passages in the articles that I have written before this one. Click here to see them all later.)

I now feel this sense of completion that they are talking about. A complete surrender to the Stream of Unconditional Love, a very intimate way of interacting with my Soul and allowing it to speak through me. I also feel a sense of Oneness and a clear invitation by my Soul to start Sharing my gifts. This time with an attitude of “bring it on”, like the woman says in the movie. Instead of being fearful about it, I feel excited about it. I can’t wait to launch now and start sharing and connecting with so many people around the world. No longer do I have to prove anything to anybody. I can just be me in an authentic, honest and open way.

There’s much more to share around this video, but maybe you should watch it first and then we can have a conversation below this article? We would love to hear from you if you recognize this Shift in your own life. Did you face all your fears too? Do you feel incredibly empowered by it all now?

Thank you Openhand for Empowering the Shift and this beautiful video! If you would like to read more about them, here is their website:

With so much love,


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Mariëlle Duijndam

Founder of Sparkle Paradise | Unconditional Self-Love Facilitator
Ik ben een spiegel van Onvoorwaardelijke Zelf-Liefde en van nature een krachtige catalyst bij persoonlijke transformatieprocessen. Voor hen die zelf al contact hebben gemaakt met hun eigen goddelijkheid, goedheid en grootsheid, of het sterke verlangen hebben om dit te doen – en hier ook voor open staan, zal het samenzijn ervaren worden als een verademing, ondersteuning en bevestiging op je pad van ontwaken, zelfrealisatie en het shiften naar de volgende dimensie(s).

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