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We are not here to suffer or learn. We are here to experience Who We Really Are: freedom, joy, love, appreciation, power, bliss, pleasure, connection, clarity and creativity. You are invited to connect with me so that I can create and facilitate a delicious Heaven on Earth Sparkle Experience for you, your senses and your soul. The Sparkle Experiences below can be booked for 1 or 2 persons. We can organize bigger group experiences on request. Please share your ideas with me here.

Sparkle Dining Experience

Share a wonderful dinner with me in a restaurant

I love people, great food and enjoying wonderful conversations with others. This Sparkle Dining Experience combines it all. Ideal to get to know me and to experience what it is like to be together with me. Experience has shown me that the effects can be huge when we simply spend a nice evening in a restaurants. I would love to get to know you (better) and offer you Sparkle Support in case you would like to receive it around whatever the topic may be. You can choose between these two restaurant options: Restaurant Heinde & Ver  for a wide variety of international and unlimited small dishes and drinks or Restaurant Kruydt for a fully taken care of culinary 4 courses speciality menu, in Delft – The Netherlands.

Sensual Soul Experience

Allow your soul to enjoy life through your senses

Our pace in life is often way too fast. When we are busy trying to accomplish, arrange and manage things to reach our goals, we often lose sight of the most important thing: enjoying the journey and really being present in our bodies and in the NOW. If you want to manifest more and more easily, then it is not a case of thinking and doing more, but of opening more, surrendering more and receiving more. A Sensual Soul Experience is a treat for your soul and senses. An evening just for you. Lean back comfortably and allow the most delicous treats for your ears, nose and mouth to come to you. Enjoy like you may have never enjoyed yourself before; with attention, with patience, with love – in connection with you Self. In a temple-like atmosphere, seeing you as the Goddess that you are, I would love to show you how delicious life can be.

Divine Connection Experience

Experience the divine connection with your loved one(s)

We are all energetically connected. But we don’t always experience that connection. There can be many things that are in the way of it without us being aware of it. You can’t miss what you don’t know… During this Divine Connection Experience I invite you to open up and relax, while letting go of tension and automatic defenses, layer by layer, so you will be able to receive your loved one(s) in, deeper and deeper. To experience a connection with each other like this is one of the most satisfying experiences we can have as human beings. And when you don’t preserve this connected state of being to your intimate circle, but really start to create from this love wherever and with whomever you are, you will manifest and enjoy incredibly beautiful relationships in your life. This is the basis for living in heaven on earth.

Inspired Living Experience

A day of truly inspired living in the moment

I have learned to live in the NOW and to follow my intuition in the moment. I don’t have to know everything in advance because I know that the most beautiful path will unfold before me when I am open to listen to the guidance that I receive from within. This requires a certain level of trust, surrender, relaxation, openness and love for myself, others and life. In case this is new and possibly a bit scary for you, then a day like this would be ideal to get some experience with it. The whole day will unfold spontaneously as you (learn to) listen to – and most importantly: honestly communicate – about what feels good to each one of us in the moment. Be true to you, relax, have fun and allow yourself to be surprised.

Opening for Love Experience

Give love a (new) chance

It is possible that your experiences with love and relationships have not been ideal. You long for love and a (great) relationship, but you are not looking forward to the negative aspects that you have experienced before. But what if all of this can be different? What if you don’t have to give up anything and you could be  yourself completely? What if you could be a great team with your life partner? What if you could support and encourage each other to grow in connection with Who You Really Are, every day? I would love to help you open up for love again during this day. By spending time with me you’ll be able to discover what being in a conscious relationship could be like. And step by step you will automatically get aligned with the kind of relationship you dream of. Let go of painful memories and create a brand new future.

Open for Business Experience

Aligned entrepeneurship based on openness and abundance

What if working and doing business could be a lot easier, more fun and much simpler than we’ve been told it is? Openness from a place of love and freely daring to share from our inner abundance is all it takes. Yet this can be blocked in many ways; beliefs that make you think it’s hard or that there is not enough of something or that what you are offering is not wanted or can not be understood by others… Are you ready to leave all resistance behind you and are you willing to open up to the heart and soul of your business? So that you can start serving them and you no longer have to earn and prove your worth? If my way of aligned entrepeneurship from a place of openness and abundance speaks to you, then I am here for you. Together with you (and your partner) I like to dive into the energy of your version of Living in Heaven on Earth. After this day full of inspiration and clarity the world will look completely different!

“The basis of all relationships is freedom. Your awareness of this can change everything."

- Communion of Light -
Practical Details

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EXPERIENCE Time Location 1 Person 2 Persons
Sensual Soul 19:00 - 22:00 The Hague Practice Room (in a Temple Ambiance) €300,- €350,-
Divine Connection 19:00 - 22:00 The Hague Practice Room (in a Temple Ambiance) €300,- €350,-
Inspired Living 10:00 - 17:00 The Hague Practice Room (+ Beach & Zuiderpark) €500,- €550,-
Opening for Love 10:00 - 17:00 The Hague Practice Room (+ Beach & Zuiderpark) €500,- €550,-
Open for Business 10:00 - 17:00 The Hague Practice Room (+ Beach & Zuiderpark) €500,- €550,-

Prices above include 21% Dutch VAT. Contact me in case you have any questions or if you wish more information.

“If everyone on your planet would be connected to Source Energy, nobody would ever attack another, because there would be no jealousy, no unsafety, no feelings of insecurity or struggle. If everyone would understand the power of their own Being, nobody would try to control others."

- Abraham-Hicks -


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