This is easiest done by giving them a good example. Show them how vast the buffet is, how rich everyone is with possibilities to choose from. Thousands of ways to express themselves, all perfectly right. Not a structured, patterned way of being, so everyone knows how you are going to react in every sort of situation. No, I mean a pure, uncensored, ‘this is what flows right now’ sort of way.

That is so delightful and interesting. It is what connection feels like. Pure connection, no matter what the feeling is that is being expressed. When you openly share yourself, verbally or quietly, you can sense a connection and it will build when you do this together. I believe we are always looking for this feeling and we will be attracted to those people with whom we can share and experience this.

Leaders don’t wait for others to start sharing this feeling of connection. They are willing to be first. They have a strong connection with themselves, so they are not afraid of rejection or whatever.

They don’t wait till you are yourself so they feel safe enough to open up to you. They just open up and invite you to do the same with their example.

This is ‘leading’ in a ‘simple example’, but it’s actually all about this in many different ways. Not waiting for reality, your future or circumstances to open up, but opening up to them even before they do.

This is your invitation to allow what is outside of you to become a match with what is inside of you. And it always ‘works’.

Do you have experience with leading your reality instead of following your cues from reality? What is the difference and what did you discover by stepping into your leadership?

Thanks for sharing!

With love,


Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash

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Mariëlle Duijndam

Founder of Sparkle Paradise | Unconditional Self-Love Facilitator
Ik ben een spiegel van Onvoorwaardelijke Zelf-Liefde en van nature een krachtige catalyst bij persoonlijke transformatieprocessen. Voor hen die zelf al contact hebben gemaakt met hun eigen goddelijkheid, goedheid en grootsheid, of het sterke verlangen hebben om dit te doen – en hier ook voor open staan, zal het samenzijn ervaren worden als een verademing, ondersteuning en bevestiging op je pad van ontwaken, zelfrealisatie en het shiften naar de volgende dimensie(s).

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