To me, this has got nothing to do with other people. Leadership, no matter how many people you interact with, is about your relationship with You.

The more you enjoy this relationship with You and allow it to flow in all sorts of ways and emotions, the more you’ll enjoy your relationships with others. They don’t have to be perfect because you don’t have to be either. Which makes it all perfect.

I have thought that leadership would mean that I put myself above others. That I would declare myself to be more or better than them if I openly expressed the desire to be the leader of something.

But you know what? It takes guts to admit to yourself that you are seeing yourself as the leader in your inner vision. And even more so to express this to others. Perhaps you want to assure them that you don’t want to be the boss of them. You just want to lead because you feel the inner guidance to do so. And acknowledging this actually truly is a gift, to everyone. Because this desire of yours is there for a reason. It’s there because you are meant to lead and others want you to do so, with pride, power, and joy.

Leadership is a talent that not every one of us has, nor the desire. You might think this is the case, but it rarely is.

If you feel you want to be the leader, You Are.

Own it, love it, fully step into it, Live It.

You don’t even have to declare it to others, Just Start Being It.

Are you someone who has fully stepped into your own leadership desires? Then please share with us what that felt like and what happened in your life as a result. We would love to hear from you!

With love,


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Mariëlle Duijndam

Founder of Sparkle Paradise | Unconditional Self-Love Facilitator
Ik ben een spiegel van Onvoorwaardelijke Zelf-Liefde en van nature een krachtige catalyst bij persoonlijke transformatieprocessen. Voor hen die zelf al contact hebben gemaakt met hun eigen goddelijkheid, goedheid en grootsheid, of het sterke verlangen hebben om dit te doen – en hier ook voor open staan, zal het samenzijn ervaren worden als een verademing, ondersteuning en bevestiging op je pad van ontwaken, zelfrealisatie en het shiften naar de volgende dimensie(s).

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