Music to help you relax and align

This music by Alexia Chellun is wonderful to listen to before you go to sleep. Instead of watching television or something, I like to light some candles in the evening in my cozy meditation room.

Then I’ll listen to this kind of music and simply listen to the words as I allow myself to relax deeper and deeper. This way the words are able to sink into my consciousness and my cells more and more.

The Power of Love is here Now

The power of love is here now 

The power of now is here now 

The power of you and me is here 

To create magic on earth 

Let the water wash away your tears 

Let the fire burn away your fears 

Let the wind blow into your life such faith and trust 

Let the earth hold you, take care of you and nurture you 

Here I’ll share Alexia her own words

Create for yourself a new reality with these calming affirmation songs. 

The music is specifically designed to induce deep relaxation and sleep as it travels with you through the alpha, theta and delta wavelength stages to make significant and profound changes to your well being. 

The themes of these songs are musical affirmations inspired by the works of Neville Goddard, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, the Buddha, Louise Hay and many more. 

They also use the repetitive nature of ancient mantras and meditations which have been scientifically proven to lead to, and support peaceful states of being. 

This mini album is recorded entirely in 432Hz frequency which is said to be mathematically resonant with the patterns of the universe. Music therefore tuned in this frequency is thought to be highly relaxing and healing. 

Alexia’s beautiful and captivating voice gently supports you on this journey to greater freedom. Recommended listening lying or sitting down, but as always this is a guideline so follow your own intuition at all times. 


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Lyrics and music by Alexia Chellun

Music Production by Moshik Kop Recorded in London at NXNE Studios All rights reserved @ Alexia Chellun 2018


With thanks to Willemein Hofland for the tip.

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