No explanation needed,
just this vessel to enjoy,
when I allow the flow of it,
my thoughts become my toy.

My imagination is my home,
so many worlds to explore,
they all have their own feelings to it,
it’s like an abundant candy store.

So many options to be lived,
with almost no time passing by.
I can go left and right and up and down,
like an amazing butterfly.

So free even, without any wings,
there is no need for them here.
For I know I am a being of light,
allowing my reality, but creating an atmosphere.

Our reality is not what we create,
although we think we might,
as long as we think we are responsible,
life can be an endless fight.

Why wait until later?
When I can have what I want now?
It’s tempting to step into the manifesting process,
but I don’t really know how.

So I search and search for answers,
which are nowhere to be found,
because all is actually Now Here,
and the search just makes me loose ground.

So interesting it seems,
to learn all that I can know.
But when I make this as my goal,
I am not really in my flow.

My flow of whatever it is I desire,
does not need anything from me,
just the willingness to have it now,
then letting it go and allowing it to be.

Freedom is what everyone wants,
even my thought creations itself.
They want to evolve away from me,
and not being kept on a shelf.

Like a book we need to read,
but never knows an end.
In the same way we cannot create reality,
although we do like to pretend.

I manifested this we say,
when it’s something that we want,
but that is really nothing new,
since your whole world lies in the palm of your hand.

A world that manifests naturally,
without needing anything from our side,
just realizing we are god,
is what we actually might.

But is this something we can understand,
I fear that we can not.
Unexplainable joy and pleasure,
is all we’ve really got.

It’s a ‘hard’ price to pay,
or so it sometimes seems,
to not be able to ‘know’,
and yet to live the life of your dreams.

Just loosen your grip,
on your idea of ‘your reality’.
No need to try and understand it,
cause manifesting is Ít’s specialty.

Your job is to enjoy,
to just find pleasure where you are.
To just revel in deep delight,
until you just know you are a shining star.

The star of your own life,
taking centre stage.
There’s nothing that you really know,
just that there is no cage.

No cage to break free from,
knowledge cannot take you there.
You’ll try and try and do your best,
and life will seem unfair.

But it’s not about doing your best.
It’s not about needing to know.
It’s just about your willingness,
to allow this grand, majestic flow.

© Mariëlle Duijndam

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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Mariëlle Duijndam

Oprichter Sparkle Paradise | Co-Creatie Cirkel Visionair & Facilitator | Sprankelend Leiderschap | Onvoorwaardelijke Zelf-Liefde
Ik help mensen om in verbinding te komen met zichzelf, hun Essentie, Hoger Zelf, het Veld en elkaar. Hierdoor ontstaat een gevoel van Vrede-Met-Wat-Is en komt er ruimte om uit te gaan kijken naar wat we wensen en diep van binnen al voelen dat komen gaat. Door onszelf bewust energetisch af te stemmen op – en te openen voor – deze realiteiten die in potentie al aanwezig zijn in ons, kunnen ze moeiteloos en met plezier gaan manifesteren. Niet langer ben je gehecht aan een uitkomst in de toekomst, omdat je in het NU veel gelukkiger bent, meer geniet en meer sprankelend genot en vervulling ervaart. Neem gerust contact op.

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