E-BOOK Become a Sparkling Leader in the New World – By Mastering your Physical Reality

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Loving support for those who want to step into Authentic Leadership and lead their own Reality

  • Would you like to be a leader in the New World?
  • Would you like to lead a movement with charisma?
  • Would you like to lead a successful team and/or business?Would you like to feel good when you do it, most of the time?
  • Would you like to lead an exciting, limitless, fulfilling, amazing life?
  • Would you like to realize your Greatness and Potential with Ease and Grace? Then what you really want is to learn how to develop Mastery over Physical Reality.

And this will not only bring you all of the above. It can and will also change all of your relationships for the better. Because you will have Mastered your Relationship with You. The single most important relationship we all have. Because your life is a reflection of it.

Let’s have some fun with the Creative Power that we all have inside of us!



“When you realize your Greatness,
You will realize your Potential,

With Ease and Grace.”

— Mariëlle Duijndam

The intention behind this e-book is to help you realize and remember that you are amazing. That you hold all of the power to create the kind of life and business that you dream of. And that this has got nothing to do with learning how to manage other people or anything else in your reality for that matter. It’s about learning how to manage the only thing you have any real control over: what you think and how you feel. Because what you are feeling is always an immediate response to what you are thinking.

But it’s not the kind of control that you might think it is. It’s much more than that. It’s about connecting with your True Being. And opening yourself up to what this All- Knowing-Consciousness-Part-of-You is thinking. Because it’s been with you your whole life. And it knows exactly what you want and how you want it. It even knows the shortest and most efficient and most satisfying way to it. For it also knows that it’s not only about reaching your destination. It’s about everything you experience on the way.

So above all, it’s about opening up again to Who You Really Are. It’s about creating a magical relationship with the Source of Love that is within you. That IS you. And to start living and leading your life from that inner knowing, and allowing life to unfold FOR you, in response to the reality that you Accept and Experience as Real in your own Being.

And if you already know all of this, then may this e-book give you confirmation to what you’ve already remembered and be a clear invitation to you to start co-creating with us. This is the perfect time to step into Authentic Leadership like we’ve never done before. We are ready to spread our wings and fly. And to create a whole New World.

With love & appreciation,

Mariëlle Duijndam


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