E-BOOK Sparkle Paradise Vision – Human beings waking up to their full potential

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Loving support for those who are going through the Shift in Consciousness from 3D to 5D

Introduction: A New Age – A New Energy

Maybe you have already felt it, maybe you are not completely aware of it yet, but we have entered into a new energy as a collective of human beings on planet Earth.

We are not just ordinary human beings. We are extraordinary Beings of Consciousness. And we have come to this beautiful planet to share an amazing experience together.

At least, that is the way I see it and experience it.

Each one of us can believe whatever we want.

The Power of our Consciousness will turn the possibility that we choose into a reality. One that is specifically tailor made for us. That is how powerful each one of us really is.

We have only begun to get a glimpse of what is possible when deliberately working together with the Power of our Consciousness.

It is my dream, vision and desire to share with people what I have come to know about our true nature and the possibility we all have to experience Heaven on Earth, right Now.

When we come together with this intention, magic will happen. When we meet each other, coming from a place of recognizing and honoring each other as Who We Really Are, something opens up in our hearts and beings. We become powerfully magnetic.

An energy field around us will be activated. And this field will call out to others to join it in this delightful experience. We will all start to Remember, one by one.

We start radiating and vibrating at a higher frequency level than we have ever done before. And when this happens, we will be able to see and experience more than ever.

I believe we will be able to start seeing and experiencing Heaven on Earth, together.

With love & appreciation,

Mariëlle Duijndam


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