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Sparkle Paradise | Delft, NL
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Shift into 5D Consciousness

In what stage of the shift are you?

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Mariëlle Duijndam, founder of Sparkle Paradise

4 Reasons

to take the quiz


Become Who You Really Are and consciously create a life that feels like you are Living in Heaven on Earth.

  1. Get clarity about what is going on in your life, where you are in this huge Shift in Consciousness and what the next step would be to move into the next stage.

  2. Start to see The Bigger Picture of how we are evolving as human beings on earth.

  3. Discover what Unconditional Love really means and why it’s the key to a life that feels like you are Living in Heaven on Earth.

  4. Receive information to help you remember and actually become Who You Really Are.
What You

will discover


Discover the 6 Shift Stages between Living in a Conditional World as a Manager and Living in Unconditional Love as a Master.

  1. Find out what your core driving belief currently is and how this is affecting what you think, see, do, want, need, feel, have and experience in your life right now.

  2. Get insight in your current situation, struggles and matching solutions.

  3. Start to recognize what the beliefs are that you are building your life on right now, and how they might be limiting you.

  4. Recognize the state you are living in, your main focus and how you perceive yourself.

Mariëlle Duijndam


I share this information with you from my own personal experience of going through this huge Shift in Consciousness.

It was a tough journey, going through this shift, not really understanding what was happening. Now, years later, I can see the bigger picture and the next level of consciousness that this journey of chaos and confusion was leading me into. When life asks us to let go of things, it’s because something better is right around the corner, waiting for you to open up and let it in. 

Are you willing to open up your mind, heart and body, to let it in? It’s an amazing adventure!

In what Stage of the Shift are you?

It’s a huge shift in consciousness that we are going through. And there is not a lot of awareness yet on what is actually happening. That is why I’ve created this Shift in Consciousness Quiz for you. When you start seeing the bigger picture of what is going on, your life and all of your experiences will make much more sense to you. You are being trained by life itself, for a glorious part within this movement of finally awakening and allowing Who We Really Are and What We Really Want.

I'm Mariëlle Duijndam

Founder of Sparkle Paradise

“There is Greatness within you! And you are capable of Great Things in this lifetime. It is my honor and pleasure to support the Visionaries, Leaders, Teachers and Facilitators of this new Golden Age, in becoming Who They Really Are and manifesting What They Really Want. Feel free to get in touch.”

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