In Truth

Being Together

Sparkle Satsang is a direct path without specific techniques and methods to the experience of Living in Heaven on Earth in the Here and Now.

Remember again Who You Really Are and what it feels like to be connected to your Self and the fulfillment of all your desires. In dialogue you can let go of what’s in between.

Sparkle Satsang

a taste of heaven on earth

Sparkle Satsang is a word that has been created by me. Sparkle = shining from an inner feeling of connection and joy. Sat = true. Sanga = company. Sparkle Satsang = Allowing the delicious Flow of Life Energy and Consciousness that we really are.

When we let go of all of the layers of everything that we have been taught, we arrive at a pure stream of joyful, powerful, free, loving and appreciating energy. By allowing this energy to flow through us, a feeling of connection, clarity and inner knowing naturally emerges.

During a Sparkle Satsang meeting I open myself up in silence to to allow this energy to flow through me so it can work via me. I invite you to do the same, so we can bathe in this energy together and pluck many fruits of this experience.

In case allowing this Stream of Life Energy is new to you, or you do not seem to be able to connect with it for whatever reason, then there is the opportunity to ask questions. During a dialogue with me you’ll be able to relax, release, surrender and open up more and more.

Feeling yourself connected to this Field that connects us all will effortlessly lead to healing, flow, inspiration, joy, creativity and manifestations of your desires.

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What would a feeling of real connection mean to your relationship, family, friends, home, company or team?

The importance and necessity of feelings like connection are being recognized by more and more people and companies. We long for it. There is a need for it. Our heads and hearts may start to find balance. We want more contact with that which is essential and what it is really all about. We want to meet ourselves and each other, without judgement. Because connection leads to joy. From a basis of connection with Who We Really Are and What We Really Want, even the impossible becomes possible. I would love to meet you in conversation, through the Stream of energy that connects us all. So we can be surprised by what will arise by it-Self.


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