In the Field

Playing Together

In the Field of Unlimited Possibilities exists an endless amount of versions of you and your life. You are literally already surrounded by everything you wish for and dream of. 

As your Sparkle Facilitator I help you discover which version of yourself and your life makes you sparkle and I support you during your shift from dream to reality.

Sparkle Sessions

Landing in your heaven on earth

Sparkle Sessions are metaphysical in nature. We transcend the realistic thinking mind and make use of the power of our consciousness, thoughts, words and intuition.

You are so much more than a human being made of flesh and blood. You possess powers that could be called magical. But actually they are quite normal. We just forgot how to use them deliberately. Fortunately this is The Golden Age of Awakening and we are able to play with them again fully.

We can shift from one reality to another. We can shift from one version of ourselves to another. We can shift from experiencing one version of the people around us to another. We can manifest or make things disappear from our lives as easily as we can imagine it to be. Reality shapes itself according to the instructions that we give through the vibrations that we send out.

We are bound by nothing other than the thoughts and beliefs in our own mind. But even when you have known all of this already for a long time, it can be difficult to break your current patterns and habits. That is why there are Sparkle Facilitators who hold the Vision and Vibration of the reality and perspective that you have chosen, for you. During a Sparkle Journey of several sessions you can get used to embodying the energy of Who You Really Are and of living in the reality in which you want to Be, step by step.

"All power is given man (through right thinking) to bring his heaven upon his earth, and this is the goal of the 'Game of Life'. The simple rules are fearless faith, nonresistance and love!"

- Florence Scovel Shinn-

in daily life

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, between substance and attribute, and between potentiality and actuality.

I am not a philosopher. All I know is that amazing things start to happen in the lives of my clients. Those who are ready to accept Who They Really Are and who are willing to effortlessly receive What They Really Want, can look forward to a huge increase of the magical Stream of Synchronicity in their lives.

Whatever it is that you desire when it comes to love, health, wealth and self-expression: I believe in you. That version of you and your reality already exists. You only need to get aligned with it and learn to embody the energy of it, so you can start living from that reality. I’ll guide you with gentleness and fun along the 6 Shift Stages which will resolve any and all existing blockages, create necessary clarity, allows your life-energy to flow freely again and helps you feel ease in the embodiment of the chosen version of yourself.

So feel free to ask for my assistance when you notice that you are wobbling in your own alignment. That is very normal because you are in the middle of it and often too close to the current situation. You need someone who will help you stay in touch with The Bigger Picture.

"Your desires are there to be fulfilled. Every kind of suffering is the result of denying yourself the blessings of your own energy. I'll help you soften and open up your energy, so you can start receiving and (over)flowing."

-Mariëlle Duijndam-
My Expertise


  • Selflove and Selfrealization
  • Visionary Entrepeneurship
  • 5th Dimensional Leaderschip
  • Effortlessly manifesting your dreams
  • Opening up to your multidimensionality
  • Unleashing your sensual pleasure and power
  • Uplifting your environment with your state of being
  • Communicating divine wisdom through your intuition
  • Relationships based on alignment and unconditional love
  • Shift from Manager to Master – for Mastery over your Life

"Do you know that 30 days of feeling wonderful is all you need to manifest the biggest dreams you've ever had?"

- Abraham-Hicks -
Sparkle Session


1. Connection Call

Below you can book a Connection Call to discuss what your desires are and which aproach would fit best in your case. Most sessions happen online through a Zoom videomeeting.

2. Sparkle Session - Sparkle Journey

Based on our connection call I can estimate how many sessions will be needed for the fulfillment and manifestation of your desire(s). You can pay per session or choose to invest in a Sparkle Session package deal. You will be able to book your session yourself in my agenda.

I am here to serve you with unconditional joy and love.

Book your Session

and start to sparkle

Let’s meet and discover what arises. Everything will unfold naturally. Together we create clarity around What You Really Want and what truly makes you sparkle. Connection calls happen online through Zoom. After planning a meeting you’ll immediately receive a confirmation and the Zoom-link to the meetingroom. A Connection Call is free of charge, without any obligation and takes approximately 30 minutes. Your partner, friend or family member is also welcome to join.


People say

I accept that I hold the golden keys to my Heaven on Earth. I accept that I create my reality, by the power of my word. My word is good, my heart is pure. By the loving power of my pure word, I now recognize and accept my human experience as the embodiment of my non-physical Oversoul.”

-Kaia Ra-