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Shift your Energy

When you Shift your Energy, you Shift your Life. But how do you break through to a new Energy Level? And how will you maintain the feeling?

Sparkle Sessions are perfect if you would like some one-on-one guidance when going through a tough time or when you would like to create a big change in your mind and life in a fun and easy way. Let’s get clear on all of the desires that you have, so you can experience the pleasure and fulfillment of them. We’ll work with you on the inner shift, so your outer reality will start to change as a natural result. You don’t need to work hard and you also don’t need a lot of patience, you just need to get vibrationally aligned with what you want. We’ll help you to get consistent in your new State.

What If

everything was possible?

What if everything was possible? Would you be interested if I said that you can literally choose anything you like? What would you choose?

Would you choose a more relaxed, loving, confident, successful, wealthy, balanced, healthy, joyful or [fill in the blank] version of yourself? Or perhaps another version of your partner, your child, your parents, your boss, your colleagues, your co-workers, your friends, your financial situation, your job or your business?

What if these versions of reality already exist? And what if you could find the vibrational frequency of these realities within yourself, so you could actually experience them? This is not a fairytale, this is not magic; being able to shift from one reality to another becomes the new normal once you know about the power of alignment.

“The thing is: you and your life are already perfect. Nothing and nobody needs to be changed or fixed. Everything is just ready and waiting for you to answer the most important question: Now what? What do YOU want from where you are right now?”

-Mariëlle Duijndam-

do you want?

Not used to having an infinite amount of possibilities? Below I have listed some options you could choose from to get your imagination going… Not seeing your own desire listed below? Just contact me and we’ll discuss whatever question or vision you would like to tune into together in order to get things moving in your life.



Feel good in your Mind

I want to allow my Mind to Sparkle with Joy


Feel good in your Body

I want to allow my Body to Sparkle with Joy


Feel good in your Heart

I want to allow my Heart to Sparkle with Joy


Feel good in your Life

I want to allow my Dreams to become my Reality


Feel good in your Soul

I want to allow my Soul to Sparkle through Me

If you are done with being critical with yourself and you just want to feel the relief and bliss of being totally in love with Who You Really Are, we can help you with that inner Shift into Unconditional Love.

If you want to feel free, no matter where you are, no matter what you do and no matter who you are doing it with, we can help you make the Shift into the version of yourself that already feels free as a bird!

Your dreams are already a reality. They exist in the quantum field and another version of you is living them. If you want to merge with that version of you, we can help you with that exciting inner Shift.

Feeling alive and sensual in your body is a big part of experiencing fulfillment in life. If you want to awaken and activate your senses and stream of Life Energy, we can help you with that inner Shift into a sparkling love- and sexual life.

If you want to experience more harmony in your relationship with your partner or family members, friends or [fill in the blank] we can work with you on the inner Shift that will make this possible.

If you are pretty happy with your life but it’s just not fulfilling you on a deeper level, then we can find out what it is that makes you truly come alive and sparkle! 

If you are ready to meet the partner of your dreams in real life, we can work with you on the inner Shift that will make it possible to turn this desire into reality.

If you feel it’s time to realize your full potential and your dreams, then we can help you find the vibrational core of this reality, so you can start to embody this feeling and live and act from it every day.

Who You Really Are is always well, happy and healthy. If you want to Shift into this reality, when can help you do this. Your mind and body will respond to the vibrational blueprint that you give them.

You couldn’t be any more successful than you already are, since you are the creator of your own reality… but if you would like to have more love, respect, attention, fulfillment, money, affluence, impact or anything else, we can make that Shift.

If you are experiencing difficulties with selling your home or if you want to speed up the process of buying your dream home, we can work on that inner Shift.

If this is your desire, we can help you become a match to this vibrational reality so you will experience the fulfillment you are looking for, which could open the doors to a manifestation of your child.

Sparkle Sessions

to shift your reality

Sparkle Sessions can be done as video meetings, phone calls or in person meetings in the Netherlands, Belgium or wherever you would like to invite us. Please take the following steps below if you would like to work with me or another Sparkle Facilitator. I can pick one for you or you can let me know your personal preference. It’s also possible to organize a private- or a group retreat with one or more members of our Sparkle Facilitator Team somewhere in the world; then just contact me here.

Step 1:

Answer 2 Questions
Please answer two simple questions, so I can get a clear picture of where you are and where you want to go from here.
Start Here

Step 2

Connection Call
After receiving your answers I'll connect you with the Sparkle Facilitator who is the best match to your desires. We'll contact you personally via e-mail to set up a private Connection Call.

Step 3

Decision Time
At the end of our Connection Call, we can both feel if we are a good match to work together. If so, we will provide you with an offer that is tailor-made to create your desired Reality Shift.
Our Professional

sparkle facilitators

“Your desires are important and they are meant to be fulfilled. But it's not about getting what you want. Your soul is speaking to you through the language of desire. The more you learn to embrace and fulfill them from a place of unconditional love for yourself, the more connected you'll feel and the more you will discover about the infinite power and loving intelligence of Who You Really Are.

-Mariëlle Duijndam-

we work

All Sparkle Facilitators have been personally trained by me. I help them become Who They Really Are, so they are able to see and connect with you on the level of Who You Really Are. Once we have that open connection established, inspiration flows in and we are able to intuitively guide you – through the 6 Stages of every Shift – into the experience and reality of What You Really Want.

Even when you are not able to put your desire into words yet; we can feel for it with you… And you’ll feel it when we hit the spot! You’ll probably discover desires that you didn’t even know you had! And it will feel so good to have those desires fulfilled. It will make you feel whole and complete, like you are being reborn into a new life and a new YOU.

Just try it and experience what it feels like to be embraced with unconditional love and to be seen on levels of your being that you have missed for so long, without even being consciously aware of it. 

As Sparkle Facilitators we help you release anything that you are holding on to that is no longer benefitting you. Let us show you how simple life can be when you strip your mind of all the unnecessary programs that have been running in the background, pushing and forcing you into all kinds of thoughts, feelings and actions that in truth don’t ever bring you the lasting results that you hope for. 

If you feel like it’s time for a real change, if you want to fall in love with yourself and your life and if you want to learn how to consciously create your own reality, then working with a Sparkle Facilitator is a really good idea!

Interested in a free Connection Call?

Please answer two simple questions first, so I can get a clear picture of where you are and where you want to go. After receiving your answers I will connect you with the Sparkle Facilitator who is the best match to your desires. We’ll contact you personally via e-mail to set up a free private Connection Call. At the end of our Connection Call, we can both feel if we are a good match to work together. If so, we will provide you with an offer that is tailor-made to create your desired Shift.