Tempus Fugit

Time disappears

A Sparkle Stay is like going on a holiday and visiting your global family. And this unique convent is a place where male and female qualities get connected together and time ceases to exist. 

We welcome you into our lives with open arms, whether we have met before or not. What brings us together is the desire to enjoy life, to share and to discover what will happen when we meet.
No one knows in advance. We are open and excited about what will unfold when each of us follows our own intuition and does what feels better (or even delicious) to us in the thinking, the speaking and the doing, in each and every moment.

You are completely free to create a Sparkle Experience that is perfect for you. You can rent your own bed or a whole apartment.

You can do your own groceries and cook yourself or with other guests, you can go out (with other guests) to eat at one of the many amazing restaurants, or you can order breakfast (lunch and diner) at our Sparkle Paradise location. If you feel like you want to go out on a trip or a special excursion we can connect you with Heidi, our UmbriaSoul host.

Arjen and I will do what we feel like doing every day, just like you. By following your inspiration and doing what you feel like doing, the most amazing things will happen and you’ll have the feeling to exist outside of time for a while. We combine the power and qualities of dedicated focusing (male) and of complete opening to receive (female), everything that contributes to the realization of our (shared) dreams.

Atmosphere Impression

Photo Gallery

The soul of Umbria

Allow nature to assist you

Ever since we live here, amazing things have happened for us. The energy of Umbria seems to add to a process of natural healing and getting back in touch with your Self; with your body, your mind and your soul. We have become more balanced, more empowered, more grounded, more unconditionally loving, more relaxed and more self-expressive. The energy of the mountains helps to awaken a feeling of greatness, power, peace, and stability within yourself. The green helps to open your heart. And being able to view an amazing landscape as far as the eyes can see, can assist you to awaken your capacity to see beyond what you thought was possible. It all adds to the awakening that is already going on within you. Just like us, the environment that we are surrounded with is here to stimulate, appreciate and celebrate your greatness and your passion, so you can rise and lead your reality and your tribe with your whole heart and complete being.

Extra Sparkle Stay Options

Things you could do while you are here

While you are here you can do many things. You can just sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery, the swimming pool, the conversations, the food, the wine and the sun. You could also do creative things like:

  • A photoshoot for your website
  • Getting interviewed on camera
  • Doing an interview with (one of) us
  • Getting help with a total make-over
  • Getting help with writing your book
  • Getting help with creating audio’s
  • Getting help with creating video’s
  • A Sparkle Session with one of us

These extra’s are not included in our basic Sparkle Stay price. While you are here we like to allow things to unfold naturally, so when it feels inspired in the moment we can discuss and arrange these extra options.

Sparkle Paradise Initiatives

Things we like to organize together

When you are here, we might feel inspired to organize some extra things that we would love to do with you. When you let us know you are interested, we can make things happen together, such as:

  • Big screen cinema night
  • Salsa dancing lessons
  • Dance parties
  • Food parties
  • Pool parties
  • Sparkle Circles
  • Massage sessions
  • Meditation sessions

Together with our UmbriaSoul host, we can also organize:

  • International meet-ups with interesting local people
  • All kinds of creative local workshops, trips & tastings

The Gathering of Teachers

Are you resonating with this message?

We do. And we love being able to host this gathering by welcoming you and so many other wonderful beings; teachers, leaders, coaches, counselors, creatives and many other change-makers in the New World. The time has come to be who we really are in broad daylight, so more and more people can join this enormous Movement of Allowing.

We are sure of the value and eager for the experience and knowledgeable of the guidance and certain of the outcome.

Our free e-book

Have you read it already?

Become a Sparkling Leader in the New World – By Mastering Your Physical Reality

Would you like to be a leader in the New World?

Would you like to lead a movement with charisma?

Would you like to lead a successful team and/or business?

Would you like to feel good when you do it, most of the time?

Would you like to lead an exciting, limitless, fulfilling, amazing life?

Would you like to realize your Greatness and Potential with Ease and Grace?

Then what you really want is to learn how to develop Mastery over Physical Reality.

And this will not only bring you all of the above. It can and will also change all of your relationships for the better. Because you will have Mastered your Relationship with You. The single most important relationship we all have. Because your life is a reflection of it.

Let’s have some fun with the Creative Power that we all have inside of us!

This e-book has been written by Mariëlle Duijndam and is dedicated to you if you recognize your desires in the text above. You can read it right away by clicking on the Download Button. We hope you’ll enjoy it and feel inspired by it!

Sprankelparadijs locatie

Are you excited to come?

Then let’s dive into the details

Travel information

Fly on Perugia, Rome, Pisa, Bologna, Ancona or Florence. You can inexpensively book a car by internet, then pick it up from the airport and use during your stay. From Perugia it is only half an hour drive. From the other cities around only 2 hours.


Our Sparkle Paradise exists out of beautiful apartments; all with Wi-Fi, own seating area, a well-equipped kitchen, and bathroom. In the group room and at the terraces we can come together to eat, lounge, have fun and share inspiring conversations with each other.



We expect to be here until the last week of June 2018 so you can book now for this period. During July, August and September we will probably travel the world and are available for special requests. From October on we’ll open the doors here again.

Current Prices

Minimum Stay per person:
€250,- excl. 21% VAT +
€210,- for 3 nights /1 bed

Sparkle Stay per person:
€500,- excl. 21% VAT +
€490,- for 7 nights /1 bed

Food, drinks and extra’s are not included. Otherwise, you can book a Sparkle Special.

Ready to make your reservation?

Then please share with us about your desires

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