Our Sparkle Team in Italy

A flowing collaboration

Sometimes you meet people who just align in an incredible way with your dreams, visions, desires, passions and qualities, that it’s not more than logical that you start collaborating. Four lives that got together at the right time to collectively and individually do what they love the most. That’s how it went when Mariëlle & Arjen and Heidi & Koen, met. Two couples who had been pioneering for years on their own paths.

Mariëlle & Arjen in the Netherlands and Heidi & Koen in Belgium, until they decided to emigrate to Italy in 2015 because they rediscovered their own soul in the Green Heart of Umbria and they wanted to follow it to wherever it may lead them. Both couples headed into the unknown, left everything behind them that they knew and opened up to the adventure that is called Living from the Heart. Without  any security from the outside, but with a powerful inner compass.

And then they met each other and everything fell into place…

Sparkle Paradise is an initiative by Mariëlle & Arjen. UmbriaSoul is an initiative by Heidi & Koen. Both combine perfectly with each other. Sparkle Paradise is mainly about connecting with yourSelf and your inner paradise, so that this dream can actually land on earth; whereas the focus of UmbriaSoul is mostly on connecting people with each other and creating the space in which pollination can occur, in order to then realize all kinds of projects together. You can tell that this is a Match Made in Heaven!

It’s our intention to create internal and external connections, nationally and internationally, so that the feeling of a global family can grow, which makes you feel supported and to which you can contribute, in your own unique way. 

Who are we?

Our talents

Mariëlle Duijndam

Initiator Sparkle Paradise
Makes sure there is a vibrational match between what you desire and what you are sending out energetically. A magnetic bridge builder who helps to realize dreams, with a healing, clarifying, deepening and innovatory effect. Strong communicator, very intuitive & sensitive.

  • Sparkle Circle Facilitator 100%
  • Sparkle Community Leader 90%
  • Innovative entrepreneurship 80%
  • Interactive Sparkle Speaker 70%

Arjen Tolk

Initiator Sparkle Paradise
Has a big love for people & gatherings and creating all kinds of fun activities. He is the one you are looking for when you want to explore the area with your own happy tour guide. He is also a beacon of peacefulness and stability and a great listener.

  • Tour Guide 100%
  • Activity Organisator 90%
  • Great conversations 80%
  • Beacon of peace 70%

Heidi de Gols

Initiator UmbriaSoul
Is a source of positivity and bubbly energy. She can connect people like no other. A visionary and a catalyst of projects. Hostess and centre of communication. Always ready for a passionate conversation and sees possibilities beyond what you were already thinking.

  • Intuitive connector 100%
  • Catalyst of projects 90%
  • Hostess and hospitality 80%
  • Visionary leadership 70%

Koen Verstuyft

Initiator UmbriaSoul
With a great love for food, health and beauty, he is our kitchen wizard. He is also a stylist of atmosphere and warm coziness in our spaces. A soothing man, connected to his feelings, intuition and creative self expression.

  • Kitchen Wizard 100%
  • Beauty creator 90%
  • Balance bringer for body and spirit 80%
  • Creative projects 70%

Timeless Being

That is what we love. Allowing things to magically evolve out of the inspiration in the moment. Following our hearts and what gives us energy. Overflowing from abundance.

Innovative Ideas

We feel like pioneers in a New Age and happily contribute with our innovative ways of collaboration to a world in which male and female energies are more balanced.

Global Network

Our focus is on a worldwide network. A global family consciousness. All our initiatives contribute to this, for you personally and for all of us as a collective.

Clear Communication

We love transparency and clear communication. By being honest to each other about what we think and feel and taking responsibility for it, we just keep evolving.

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