Tempus Fugit

Time disappears

This is a place where male and female qualities get connected together and time ceases to exist.

We start in the morning with meditation and a wonderful breakfast table. Then we will give attention to your desires and dreams. Together we get to the core of what you really want and we’ll see which inspiring excursions, meet-ups and activities resonate with this. By following your inspiration and doing what you feel like doing, the most amazing things will happen and you’ll have the feeling to exist outside of time for a while. Nothing is obligatory, everything is allowed. We combine the power of dedicated focusing (male) and of complete opening to receive (female) everything that contributes to the realization of your dream.

Atmosphere Impression

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The soul of Umbria

Living from your heart

Allow yourself to immerse in the energy of Umbria and be inspired by the generosity, passion and openly shared emotions of the Italians. Here your passion and greatness will be stimulated, appreciated and celebrated. People live from the heart and share their authentic self. Connection and co-creation are number one. Help is being offered spontaneously and things arise effortlessly. Within no time they will connect you with the right people. They don’t need to understand you to be able to feel with whom you would be a match. By being here for a while you will discover how easy realizing dreams can be and that it’s a natural result of living from your heart and spontaneously following the flow in the moment. That is the reason why we came to Italy and want to share all of this with you from this place.

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Travel information

Fly on Perugia, Rome, Pisa, Bologna, Ancona or Florence. You can inexpensively book a car by internet, then pick it up from the airport and use during your stay. From Perugia it is only half an hour drive. From the other cities around only 2 hours.


Pittoresk medieval villages, stunning views, inspiring cultural cities and historical festivals, relaxing nature, great restaurants, authentic bazaars with local produce and unique antique items; we have gathered all of it for you in our UmbriaSoul guide.


Our Sparkle Paradise exists out of beautiful apartments; all with Wi-Fi, own seating area, a well equipped kitchen and bathroom. In the cozy group room and at the terraces we come together to eat, lounge, have fun and share inspiring conversations with each other.


Visiting passionate wine- and olive oil producers, tasting the delicacies of the area, connective dinners, a session or trip with horses, a relaxing massage, cooking together, singing, dancing, watching a movie, making music… The possibilities are endless!

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