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Do What You Really Love

This is the Golden Age. A time in which everything is possible. Now you can become Who You Really Are and create the joyous life you came to live. 

Our Sparkle University is a platform designed to help you integrate 5D consciousness into your work as a leader, healer, coach, therapist, energy-worker, teacher, parent, speaker, writer, consultant, manager, entrepreneur et cetera. Being Who You Really Are and Doing What You Really Love, is all that is necessary…


the Sparkle Vibe

When you sparkle, you spark a light in others.
When people see and feel it within you, a deep memory and longing will be awakened in them.
That’s how the sparkle vibe is spreading itself.
Those who are ready for what you have to offer, will find you and want guidance from you.

– You are the lighthouse guiding people home –

Core Focus

in our sparkle university


Remember how to teach with the clarity of your own sparkling example, so others dare to follow you on this journey of awakening.


Remember how to elevate the energy of a client, partner, child, friend, group, team, company, society or even the whole world.


Remember how to facilitate a space of unconditional love in which others can easily find what they have been craving to feel.


Remember how to teach with the clarity of your own sparkling example, so others dare to follow you on this journey of awakening.


Remember how to facilitate a space of unconditional love in which others can easily find what they have been craving to feel.


Remember how to elevate the energy of a client, partner, child, friend, group, team, company, society or even the whole world.

When you Elevate

the energy

Trauma is released

Without needing to work through the past, old traumatic memories and emotions are easily being released in your presence.

The mind opens up

People break free from old belief systems that kept them stuck in a limited and itself repeating 3D way of thinking and living.

Energy starts flowing

People feel safer to be present in their bodies and are willing to allow the natural Stream of Life Energy to flow freely.

Hearts start glowing

People find their true source of happiness and learn to cultivate the power of their heart to attract what they want.

Clarity presents itself

When their energy rises consistently, they'll be able to see and solve things from a completely different perspective.

Inspired action arises

They learn to recognize what inspired action is and remember how to follow it moment by moment in their daily lives.

Healing takes place

Every area and situation in their lives is being healed from the inside out, without effort or needing to change other people.

Relationships deepen

People are able to deepen their relationships because they are awake, aligned and being their true selves.

Dreams are realized

By taking responsibility for their own lives and own alignment, they are able to realize their dreams while they inspire others.


This is

what we offer

Sparkle Facilitator Training

Facilitate their Shift
This program is for more advanced people who are in Shift Stage 4 to 6. It takes the Shift into 5D program to the next level. You'll learn everything about the power of aligned leadership, so you can facilitate clients, friends, children, partners, co-workers, employees and even groups of people into a new level of consciousness and into the reality they wish to experience and manifest for themselves.
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Sparkle Angel


Meetings, gatherings and retreats, specifically for Sparkle Facilitators (in training) to work, create, celebrate and enjoy life together.

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Enjoy courses that go deeper into certain areas of expertise, so you can integrate 5D consciousness in all of your work.

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Easily exchange sessions with other Sparkle Faciliators (in training) or receive private support from Sparkle Professionals.

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Books, guided meditations, webinar recordings and more to keep you tuned in, tapped in and turned on as we develop as a community.

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Communicate with other members and students of your chosen courses so you can enrich each other and go even deeper.

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On our University blog you can find inspirational Facilitator related articles, stories, perspectives, Q&A’s, tips and more. ​

"Allow The Field to do the work for you while connecting with your tribe. Uplift them with your being and facilitate shifts into parallel realities - in which they already are, have and do whatever they want. That and more is what you'll be able to do again, when you remember how to facilitate others from a 5D level of consciousness."
Mariëlle Duijndam
Founder Sparkle University

our trained facilitators say

"The heart-based resonance that I felt with Mariëlle when I first met her in 2012 got stronger and stronger during this intensive training. It challenged me to relax and open up more. Now I feel ready, happy and devoted to accompany others on their journey to be truly in touch with the beautiful, shiny, strong, loving, unconditional happy being that they really are!"
Brendy Vorderman
Sensistyle, NL
"This Sparkle Facilitator Training meant so much more to me than just 'a training'. Mariëlle embodies and shows us the quality of living from our hearts. She touches on that quality within me, too. It allows me to look at everyone's process from a new level of mildness and trust. It's this perspective that opens and creates free space for transformation."
Diane van Gansewinkel
CenterD, Belgium
"This Sparkle Facilitator Training has shown me that it's not really about coaching, but much more about being. It's about facilitating a safe and sparkling space in which someone is able to transform more easily and more quickly. My own inner sparkle and alignment has become my first priority so I can see who others really are and what they really want."
Arjen Tolk
Creative Cars, NL

to sparkle university

We open up Sparkle University twice a year. This way we are able to offer you the best possible experience when you enter this sacred space as a new member. In the meantime, we don’t want to keep you waiting empty-handed. When you sign up below, we’ll take you on a special University Welcome Journey by delivering gifts to your inbox on a regular basis. And when we open the doors again, you’ll be the first to know!


Most frequent questions and answers

Experience has shown us that Sparkle Facilitator Training works best when the participants are individually ready for this level of Alignment Mastery. When they have remembered what it is like to stay in alignment while being in contact with others, they will benefit the most and the fastest by what we offer. Click here to sign up for a free “Why 5D Facilitatorship?” introduction workshop to find out.

Sparkle Facilitators are trained at our Sparkle University to become very consistent in their embodiment while working with clients and groups of people. They have learned to use their own alignment in a way that you’ll feel uplifted just by being in their presence. Besides that, they also know how to help you get in alignment with the frequencies of the desires that you have. So they may manifest into your life with joy and ease.

Our Sparkle Facilitator Training is being offered in English and Dutch at the moment. As our facilitator network grows internationally, more languages may be added. In our vision we see Sparkle Facilitators spreading the Sparkle Vibe all over the world.

Please send us your question via e-mail or click here to fill out our contact form. We’ll be happy to answer any question you might have and we would love to meet you and co-create with you inside our Sparkle Community.

In what Stage of the Shift are you?

It’s a huge shift in consciousness that we are going through. And there is not a lot of awareness yet on what is actually happening. That is why I’ve created a Shift in Consciousness Quiz for you. When you start seeing the bigger picture of what is going on, your life and all of your experiences will make much more sense to you. You are being trained by life itself, for a glorious part within this movement of finally awakening and allowing Who We Really Are and What We Really Want.