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In this vlog Arjen and I talk about what Living in Ultimate Freedom means to us. Among other things we discuss:

  • The difference between discipline and forcing things
  • Why it could be helpful to develop a discipline of being in a receptive mode
  • How we see ourselves and what we want to be and offer you and other people

And if you are interested here is some background information around things that were going on when shooting this video:

After the wonderful Sparkle Special Experience with ConsumerHouse, of which you can see the vlog by clicking here, we were expecting a group of 12 people from New York for another Sparkle Special Week. To make a long story short: they promised us golden mountains, but never showed up. Nor did the payment that they said they had taken care of a week before arrival…

A really, really strange situation and definitely not fun. Especially since we had been preparing for their arrival in so many ways. Doing groceries, buying extra equipment for the kitchen, making reservations for all of the restaurants that we would go to together, arranging spots for special creative workshops and planning out all kinds of special excursions like wine tastings and so on.

I had received signs from my intuition that something wasn’t right during this week of preparation. But it felt like it was too late already to stop there. We were doing this together and the momentum was strong. Perhaps some part of me also really wanted it to be true, so I allowed it all to happen, just in case…

But it didn’t happen. And many other things happened instead.

Staying in the receptive mode no matter what is happening

I have learned to stay in a receptive mode, no matter what, as best to my ability. To be open to what I am feeling and to allow this Stream to flow through me. To trust whatever wants to be expressed by me and through me. And to always return to the thought that ‘everyone, everywhere is always helping me‘. Even in this bizar situation I knew this was the case. I was receiving help.

It helped me to become more clear on what I didn’t want (anymore) and at the same time it catapulted us into the clarity of what we did want.

After this experience we decided that it was better for SparkleParadise and UmbriaSoul to both become more independent. We still wanted to work together, but no longer ‘under the same roof in the same company’. We all value freedom and creative self-expression a lot. We feel it’s important that every one of us is able to do their thing without others needing to comply when making decisions. Every one of us should be able to focus and do what they feel like doing, love to focus on and are extremely good at. And when you can find each other in the middle, and work on projects together in that middle point of connection, that’s an amazing opportunity to benefit by each other’s qualities, talents and characteristics.

During a landcruise in Cancun I heard Abraham-Hicks say:

“The fastest way to achieve harmony, is to not try to achieve it.”

And I know this from experience now. It’s okay to disagree. It’s okay to have different opinions. We don’t need to see things in the same way others do. Nobody needs to change so everyone else can feel good. It’s just a matter of truly aligning with yourself and then letting the chips fall where they may. When things develop naturally, then it’s meant to be and a perfect match for that period of time. And it could also be the case that this changes or changes shape.

We cannot control our reality

The thing is: we cannot control our reality. Conscious creation has never been about that. It has always been about consciously doing the only thing you do have control over and that is: what you do with your mind and how this effects your state of being. We are in control of opening or closing ourselves off from the Stream of Wellbeing that we are all inherently made of. And the more open we are, the more we can be guided towards and manifest all the things that we have asked for. But this doesn’t mean that something is going wrong when it looks on the outside that it does. You just don’t know.

But what you can easily figure out is this: Am I open for the Stream of Life Energy to flow through me in this moment or not?

I would love for you to share your thoughts and feelings after watching the video and reading the blog.

Much love,


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Mariëlle Duijndam

Oprichter Sparkle Paradise | Co-Creatie Cirkel Visionair & Facilitator | Sprankelend Leiderschap | Onvoorwaardelijke Zelf-Liefde
Ik help mensen om in verbinding te komen met zichzelf, hun Essentie, Hoger Zelf, het Veld en elkaar. Hierdoor ontstaat een gevoel van Vrede-Met-Wat-Is en komt er ruimte om uit te gaan kijken naar wat we wensen en diep van binnen al voelen dat komen gaat. Door onszelf bewust energetisch af te stemmen op – en te openen voor – deze realiteiten die in potentie al aanwezig zijn in ons, kunnen ze moeiteloos en met plezier gaan manifesteren. Niet langer ben je gehecht aan een uitkomst in de toekomst, omdat je in het NU veel gelukkiger bent, meer geniet en meer sprankelend genot en vervulling ervaart. Neem gerust contact op.

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